Robservations for April 30, 2020

30 Apr

I really love this time of year. Things are
happening in nature big time. The bit of
rain lately mixed with the sunshine has
really started to put life into the valley.
The snow is climbing higher into the peaks
for some beautiful scenery. The lakes are
opening up and the creeks are running
more freely. It is amazing.

It is the time of year that outdoor activities
begin to come into the forefront of our
lives. For me, fishing is a bit of a priority
and I am trying to get out nearly every second
day (between dialysis days). I love the
peacefulness of sitting on a lake.
I hope that many of you folks are using this
time to reawaken yourselves. For those
who have hated their jobs forever, this is a
great chance to sit back and assess your

For some it is reconnecting with themselves
and for others it is getting closer to
their family. I think that many of us are
surprised to learn about ourselves.
Do you really miss your job? Or are you
just worried about the money aspect of it?
Life is different for everyone but we all
need to figure out where to find love and
happiness. It is generally inside of us.