Robservations For April 23, 2020

23 Apr

There are a lot of strange feelings going through the valley right now. Many of them are based upon fear and panic, likely the worst premises to base your feelings upon.

Some folks are very unsure about sterile techniques. They will wear the same mask or gloves over and over again. Some like to put them in a baggie between uses. That really allows any bacteria or viruses to conglomerate and build together.

Some people wear masks and/or gloves while alone in their vehicle. That does not really do anything useful. It makes it a bit more difficult to breathe though.

But even worse is the judgment and hateful talk that is going around. A virus cannot just jump from person to person. It needs to be transmitted with droplets on a surface or in the air from a cough or sneeze. Period. Basic biology which many people seem to forget due to a lot of fear-mongering.

So wasting time bitching that someone came to close to you in the store and ‘no one is paying attention’ is just a huge ball of negative energy that helps no one, including yourself.

Worrying about an Alberta plate on a car is not going to change anything except to make you feel worrisome (worse).
So carry on, do your thing and know that there is no one around here who is intentionally trying to give you the virus and realize that everyone has a different take on all of this.