Robservations for April 16, 2020

15 Apr

This is an interesting time for everyone. People are trying to prevent transmission of germs and viruses by being sterile and staying socially distant. A side effect of all of this is that we are really missing the transmission of love, friendship and caring through social interaction. Not seeing your friends is tough.

For me it is all a bit different. I have had to deal with a ‘sterile’ lifestyle for more than 2 years now for dialysis including a lot of isolation. Masks, gloves and hand sanitizer have lived in my house for a while.

I also have a degree in Biology which included some microbiology and biochemistry which gives me an understanding of bacteria and viruses. I am very confident that I understand sterile techniques and a safe lifestyle.

So I am finding it a bit entertaining watch-ing the rest of the world join me as you all figure out what works for you through this journey. I will not comment on what I see other than that a few people are extra careful. I saw a photo of a guy in a store with a scuba breathing apparatus on. He may have fallen overboard on this haha.

Anyways, stay safe and stay real out there. And please stay friendly and non-judgmental. We are all on separate journeys together.