Robservations for April 9, 2020

9 Apr

It is tricky to write about happy things when
everyone I chat with is in total paranoid
mode. I think a good thing to remember is
that lots of ‘infected’ people are recovering.
It seems like being healthy is a good plan
in life for such events as this.
Really, being healthy is a good plan at any
time. We could all use to eat a bit healthier,
get some more exercise and even cut
back on some of our vices (I know I could).
I am also learning that spending more time
alone, introspecting, has been good for
me. Watson and I have had some amazing
walks and talks. We have seen Mount Nelson
shining so brightly in the mornings. It
is hard to describe.
I saw a tiny little girl riding her bike down
the hill across from me a couple days ago.
She was flying and screaming with joy until
she wiped out near the bottom. Her parents
picked her up and she got back on
the bike and rode off. The next day I saw
her fly down that hill again with no crash.
Awesome and happy times.