Robservations for March 19, 2020

19 Mar

I am not really sure what to say here. Obviously every newscast, every conversation and every situation is based on the out-break of the corona virus. Watching the public panic at this point is rather interest-ing. You look a bit strange if you aren’t carrying toilet paper out of the grocery store these days.

A strong shout out to our grocery stores for putting reasonable limits on that stuff so the locals can all get a break.
With my medical issues I have a bit better access to masks, gloves and sanitizer but I am even very limited to quantities that I can order. I basically get just what I need and hope there is not an issue with the supply chain next month. I am quite immune-compromised but I am more likely to die from a lack of my medical supplies than from the virus itself. It is a crazy world.

Please pay attention to what is happening with your friends and neighbours. Many folks may not have been able to prepare as well as you and could maybe use a roll of tissue or two. A lot of people will be go-ing into isolation and believe me, social isolation is not a good thing. I live enough of that to understand its effects.

Stay in touch with people and get outside and enjoy fresh, virus-free, mountain air. Maybe a little less kissing of strangers and that sort of thing. Good luck to everyone that is trying to find their way home from distant lands.