Robservations for March 12, 2020

12 Mar

So folks, I really must apologize for the
lack of information in this week’s issue. I
have found myself very ill with pneumonia
and have done a few days in the hospital
with no energy. I was not even able to get
the paper done on the usual day and had
to contact the printer, proofreader and delivery

I definitely experience the risk of having
such a solo operation. When the main
player is down, nothing moves.
This is also been a strange time lately
where many clients are not really updating
me on their current events. Plus this time
last year there was no issue as I was
bringing home my dialysis machine and
took a week off. I have nothing to plagiarize

Even Easter is against me as it is a bit
later in the year and I can’t really write too
much about it yet. Soon Though. Adult
Easter Egg hunt, District Easter Egg hunt
and more.

I can tell you about the incredible support
that I require through these times in the
hospital. Watson is not a big fan and really
feels the vibes. I’ll remind him to write a bit
about that,

One thing I am ro-Robserving is that there
are so many things in life that become
meaningless when you are thinking you
are on your way out. So many things.