Robservations for February 20, 2020

20 Feb

It is pretty overwhelming when I sit back and think about how many of you read this column, which I myself write, each week. It really allows (or forces) me to make a lot of my life an open book. I often ask myself, “Is that a good thing?”

It is very interesting having total strangers tell me they are following my health and ‘rooting for me’. Honestly, I get a bit of a boost out of that.

It allows me to push my perspective on a lot of people. We don’t all agree on every-thing but I have a huge soapbox to use if I am so inclined. I do try to just stay positive and supportive most of the time.

I have a great opportunity to call for help whenever I need things. For example, I will be a bit bed-ridden for hours at a time with the new home hemodialysis. So if you are up for a game of crib or feel like visiting and walking a Bassett Hound, I may ‘require’ your services.

Thanks to those that have dropped off some firewood. You have made an incredible difference in my journey. I burn lots and always need more.

Overall, my openness about my life and thoughts seems to have opened up a lot of conversations in my life. It has helped open my own heart to other folks’ stories and issues.

Don’t be afraid to share your issues with people. It is the best way to get support and you will often be surprised where the support comes from.