Robservations For Feb 6, 2020

6 Feb

I am having a tough time understanding a lot of what is happening in our world. And I am about to rant a little bit about it. I am sure many will be offended.

The information that we are fed that is tell-ing us what is “correct’ in our world. If you offer any type of honest opinion you will be labelled by one group of people or another.

In many cases, just being a white male makes you racist, sexist, xeno, homo and Islama and other phobic. And if you have any real thoughts you are afraid to speak about them in case they somehow offend someone.

Wearing the wrong hat can get you in trouble. So much for free thought or free speech. ‘Agree with me or get out’ is a pretty insane thought process.

I have a lot of thoughts about our ‘climate emergency’ as well but I will keep it pretty basic. When a ‘scientist’ tells you that something is ‘likely’ to happen, he is not even close to being scientific. “Likely’ is not a scientific or factual statement.
Watching real scientists lose their credibility because they are presenting actual facts and hearing the media use words like ‘heretic’ is sad.

Yes we can make a difference in the stewardship of our planet but no, I do not agree that the world is toast in 12 years (11 years now I guess).

If you would like to have a calm debate with me on that subject, please let me know.