Robservations for January 30, 2020

30 Jan

The tongue is quite the part of our body. It is a relatively small thing but it can be in-credibly strong. Some say it is the strongest muscle in the human body.

The tongue can certainly do a lot of dam-age. When we speak poorly of others, we can cause a lot of pain. In a small commu-nity like this it does not take long for stories to spread through the population and that can have a huge impact on an individual and their life.
The tongue can also be very powerful in building someone up. Every person out there is fighting personal battles all day long and a good, positive comment can change everything.

I know that it makes a huge difference for me when I receive a compliment. And I like to believe that on occasion folks are actually speaking well of me.

Similar to our hands, the tongue can be used for good, to help people. It actually feels great to support others. You can literally see the change in someone’s demean-or when you share a positive comment with them.

So try to control your tongue. It can be difficult to not jump in when people are discussing others but you can decide whether your input will be positive or negative. Use it for good. People probably prefer positive people.