Robservations for January 23, 2020

23 Jan

I really do not fit into this world. I spent a lot of my life very insecure and worried about what others wanted or thought. It was a tough way to live.

The past 20 years or so I have felt very confident in who I am and what I have to offer in any situation. It is a good way to be.
I definitely do not agree with many things happening in the world today, in our country and even in our communities. Unfortunately with today’s mob mentality it is risky to put out actual facts or your own honest opinion.

Yes that is it, Honest opinions are risky. Talk about any of your own beliefs, usually based on your past experiences, your culture and your values and you can be in trouble.

Someone will be offended by something and whoever is offended first and the loudest will walk away feeling the most smug or justified.
Ricky Gervais said it pretty well, “You found that offensive? Well I found it funny. I guess that is why I am happier than you.”
No one is out there trying to offend some-one. Most of us are just trying to live our lives the way we always have.