Robservations For January 16, 2029

16 Jan

This world seems to need a lot of things. Everywhere I look I can see things that are not right. I really wish that everyone would change. Living in this world really sucks.
For some reason, that is a pretty common thought process. Sometimes even for me. I can blame everything on the condition of the world. But really, what does the world need right now?
The world needs ‘a better me’. If I want my world to be better, then it is up to me to make it better. How can I do that?
I can start by looking at things differently. Clearly if I think someone looks like they are a jerk, then they will seem to be a jerk even if they are the nicest person around. Why? Because of my energy, not theirs.
If I see someone struggling I can laugh and judge, or I can be positive and offer assistance. My energy can change the world instantly.
So is it time to change your world? Be-cause you are the only one who can do it. I have a lot of negative energy within me but the positive can overwhelm it if I allow it to.
Every person and every situation has some good in it. It is up to us to look for the good everywhere. Anyone can see the bad things but we will find happiness when we can see the good.
Start small and remind yourself constantly that your joy comes from you and what you think of the world around you.