Robservations for January 9, 2020

9 Jan

So happy New Year everyone. I am happy that you are carrying on reading The Valley Peak for 2020. I hope you have lots to look forward to in the upcoming trip around the Sun.

A lot of us put plenty of energy into resolutions and wanting to make changes. We all hope to be a bit better person as we get older. I know that I want to be kinder when-ever possible but I already find myself struggling at times.

So that’s it for me. No more kindness this year as I blew it already. Just kidding. It is just a matter of regrouping and carrying on. I may not have been perfect when I wished to but that should not stop me from desiring to do better.
Really it is just another chance to grow.

I am pretty opinionated on many topics and that might push my limits on my nice-ness. I believe that everyone has their own ideas but how can they not be the same as mine? Hahaha.

I know it is important to still maintain relationships with people who believe differently so I can debate and forget pretty easily. I just hope that those on the other end can do the same. I may think differently but I still enjoy your company.
Life is an interesting adventure and it is definitely more enjoyable if we keep our drama down and our kindness up.