Robservations for December 12th 2019

12 Dec

So last week I went for bloodwork to set up
for this Friday’s oncology appointment.
Multiple myeloma supposedly always
comes back, usually with a vengeance that
is fatal. The time frame varies for every

Friday the 13th. Who picks that day for an
oncology appointment? The oncologist
obviously. Haha.

Anyways, this brings two weeks of pretty
intense thought processes. I go three
months between appointments and wonder
about every little ache and pain. Bone
marrow cancer presents itself in many
ways. And I get a lot of aches and pains.
So for the next 4 days until my appointment,
I try not to be a nervous wreck but it
is a tricky game. No matter what is going
on, I just have that little thing nagging at
the back of my brain, trying to come to the

I have to apologize if I seem distracted,
distant or uninterested during any conversation
this week. My brain is on its own

Remember that everyone you meet has
things happening in the background and
you may not be the priority for them that
you are hoping to be. I forget complete
conversations on a regular basis.

Be kind and forgiving out there as you will
never understand what others are going
through and your energy can make a huge