Robservations for November 28, 2019

28 Nov

Christmas season is upon us. I am a Christian so I will not be calling it ‘holiday’ season. I have always loved the Christmas season with my family and friends. I realize that some people feel differently and that is okay.

More importantly is how I deal with Christmas. My whole life we were very gift-oriented in my family. Everyone expected a gift from everyone. It was great as a kid but a lot tougher as an adult.

Now I am more of a humbug kind of guy. I will round of a few gifts for some close people but I will not go into debt to try to find a gift for people just because they are in my family or whatever. It is not worth it and makes no sense.

I will try to chat with everyone, visit those that I can and write the odd note. I still care about people and prefer to show that by giving time, energy and love.

Since starting home hemodialysis I have really come to value the time that some people have invested into my well-being. A quick visit changes everything for me and I try to carry that forward.

What will you be giving this Christmas? How about some handshakes and hugs? Some time and energy? Some kindness and love is all that is required.