Robservations for November 21, 2019

21 Nov

One of the things that I like to push these days is kindness. Just being nice to each other as often as possible (always really).

We see a lot of people struggling out there and sometimes we digress into a judgmental attitude. We think we know what would be best for them to do when really, we likely have no clue.

Instead of standing back and watching, how about stepping forward and helping. It does not take a lot of help to change someone’s moment which in turn can change their whole day. Do it enough times and you can make a huge difference in people’s lives, including your own,

Did you get that last part? If you are nice to people and make them smile, your life will change. It is out there for us to do all day. Just be nice. Be kind. Be loving. Be what humanity needs. Be the person you would love to meet and watch your circle of love and friendship grow. Feel joy in your heart on a regular basis. Be good.

A huge thanks to all the folks who have taken the time to be kind to me. You all have made a difference and I hope you can feel that.