Robservations for November 14, 2019

14 Nov

I am never really sure what I want to write about in my Robservations. I have to be very careful not to offend anyone these days. It is painfully strange to live in a democratic country based on freedom of speech and yet to be scared to death about offending someone with every word you say or write.

Don Cherry voiced his opinion freely and was fired for it. For being what he considered to be a true Canadian Patriot. I guess his speech was not all that free. Obviously not everyone agrees with his opinion, especially his bosses.

Apparently in today’s Canada, free speech means you can say anything you want that agrees with the current platform but if you disagree with any of it you are quickly la-belled phobic or a racist. It is pathetic that you cannot defend the values and culture of Canada that you grew up with.

My friend was laughing and commenting that I do pretty good keeping most of my opinions out of The Valley Peak. Like everyone these days, I am afraid to offend anyone.