Robservations for October 31, 2019

31 Oct

I wish so much better for my friends and everyone else really. I am very blessed to have spent a good portion of my life seek-ing fun and recreation. Golfing and fishing have been my main activities but there are lots of other things I have enjoyed.

The Valley Peak has allowed this lifestyle. I am not getting rich or even close but I have lived a very rich lifestyle. I live in a paradise that many folks pay a lot of money to just come and visit. Blessings.
When I think back to my years of chasing money and working long hours so I could ‘get ahead’ I cringe. I would work a lot for weeks just to save up and come out here for a visit. It was a sad lifestyle.
Now that I am ill and don’t quite have the capacity to do the things I want, I am very grateful to have done what I have.

I hope that others do a similar thing. I watch so many people neglect themselves and their family to work more and more with the hope of ‘getting ahead’. This often forces them to show love by buying gifts rather than spending time together. Or they buy ‘toys’ that they never have time to use, hoping that the time will come.
Please make sure you are enjoying your life as much as possible. Find time to be with your family having some fun. Find some happiness.