Robservations for October 17, 2019

18 Oct

This has been a fairly easy issue to fill as there seems to be a lot going on in the Columbia Valley in October. It is definitely a time for locals to rediscover each other and the awesome community of the valley.
It is also a month where we see incredible colours of foliage before it drops to the Earth. It is a time when plants go into a resting and preservation mode, waiting for winter and the new life of spring.
We should do the same thing. Most plants in our area spend half of their year resting for the next season. I think that shows us clearly that we all need more sleep and more quiet time. We should be setting aside lots of times with very little to no ex-ternal stimulation.
I went on a guided Forest Therapy walk with Pat Bavin last week. It was an eye-opening, mind-calming experience. A chance to reacquaint myself with the life and beauty of nature. And the peace. With-in nature and myself. It was interesting.
Of course I also ‘refreshed’ with a Valley Zipline Fright Night adventure with a few friends. That was fun and I am still here to write about it.
But yes, take some time for yourself. Do things you enjoy. Get some rest and relax-ation into your life. Shut off the TV, com-puter and phone and just hang out for a while. Notice the things around you.