Robservations for October 3, 2019

3 Oct

It is time for me to turn things around somewhat. I have been putting out a lot of negative, whiney energy lately and it is getting old. They say that complaining without offering a solution is just whining and I have been full of that.
Really I am incredibly blessed to just be alive with the health issues I have seen in the past 2 years. I have to remember that every day. I don’t like doing dialysis but I am very proud that I am capable of doing it myself at home and I know the importance of it to stay alive.

I spend time with an amazing dog. Watson is just full of happy energy and knows how to cheer me up just by coming close so I can touch him. Pure love.

If I am going to live for a while yet, I need to enjoy the time I have. Otherwise there is no point. Who wants to hang out with a miserable man? Or be one?

This will take some work but I want to get back to who I was before cancer, both physically and emotionally.