Robservations for September 26, 2019

26 Sep

Well this one won’t make me too many friends but I really hate politics. I try not to write about it or get too involved but it is that time of year.

I really do not know what to do. Deciding to vote for someone that I know will not do anything to support me as a Canadian citizen but will still raise taxes.

Nearly every law put in place from every party in politics is based on repressing and controlling the public more and more. More restrictions, more fees, more taxes. And more rich politicians living the high life and cutting breaks to their friends and close supporters. It is all so very corrupt yet there seems to be very little I can do as a citizen to prevent it.

Watching them fly around, burning more fuel in a single flight than most of us use in a lifetime while talking about a ‘climate emergency’ is pathetic.

It seems that the rights of Canadian citizens are being removed one by one all based on redistributing our money. We give millions to help develop other countries while we have so many people struggling to afford to live here.

Anyways, I am sorry to those of you that do believe in our political system and our Governments. Electing people that contin-uously suppress my rights sucks for me.