Robservations for September 12, 2019

12 Sep

What makes you happy? What makes me happy? What is happiness? Those are tricky questions to answer as they are dif-ferent for everyone.
Happiness is actually a personal decision we make in every situation. We decide if we are happy or not. It is a simple thing that we are unaware of.
Did you wake up this morning? Are you happy or sad about that? Did you have clothes to put on? Did your car start? Hap-py or sad?
We have learned to become indifferent towards the thousands of blessings we get every day. We actually just expect those things all the time. We almost become entitled. It means nothing that our car start-ed for us.
But it sure means something if it doesn’t start. Suddenly we feel mad. It is a strange concept. Hundreds of starts that should fill us with happiness but don’t and then one moment of disappointment that leads to instant anger. Human nature is pretty con-sistent on that one.
But we can change all of that with some happiness mindfulness. We can teach ourselves to be more aware of the amaz-ing things that fall into place for us every day. We have thousands of opportunities to be happy every day. We just have to choose to feel that way.
I feel happiness after every article I com-plete and extreme happiness when the paper is done for the week.
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