Robservations for September 5, 2019

5 Sep

I saw an interesting video clip the other day and it totally made sense. It was about depression and what is a major cause of it. They narrowed it down to a single word, ‘comparison’.

As humans, we spend a lot of time com-paring ourselves to others. Sometimes we think we are better than others but more often than not, we are internally wishing that we had something they have, be it money, material things, talent, looks or whatever. It can be hard to keep up.
As I was growing up, it was tough comparing myself to others. I lived in a small community and everyone knew everyone. We all knew who was good at what, who was the handsomest boy, who was a good per-son and pretty much everything else. It was tough comparing to the stars of the community.

Now, with the internet bringing us YouTube and Facebook, we have to com-pare ourselves to millions of people out there. And it is a tough comparison be-cause anything we see posted is the best of that person.
So please try to remember that, in your world, you are the biggest and most important person. You have so many great talents gong for you that others cannot duplicate. Forget the comparisons and be proud of who you are.
Also, let others know that you appreciate who they are and having them in your lives. It makes a difference.