Robservations for August 15, 2019

19 Aug

I see a lot of information about what peo-ple think the perfect partner should be and all the wonderful things they should do for you every day. I find the lists quite amus-ing as it seems that a lot of people feel they are entitled to a pretty amazing situa-tion. It would take a lot to be that partner.
What most folks don’t think about is their own part in all of that. It would be great to have someone do all these things for you but what are you willing to do in return? How perfect of a partner are you? Are you reading that list as a list of expectations or a list of duties?
The catch of the whole thing is life is about who you are, not what you expect from others. What is the best way to meet in-credible people? It is simple. Be an incredi-ble person.
Be that person who can see the wants and needs of others and goes out and fills those voids. Be that person who smiles and says a kind word to everyone. Be that person who supports everyone in their dreams. Be that person who listens and understands.
Be that perfect partner yourself before you have any expectations of anyone else be-ing perfect for you.