Robservations for July 18, 2019

18 Jul

Well, I put on pants today. And I am so
disappointed in myself that I did.

I had a bit of surgery around my belly last
week and am not supposed to lift more
than 10 pounds for a week. The stitching is
near my waist and still very sensitive. Putting
on pants, especially with a belt has
been hurting a bit. So I have been wearing
a lot of sweat pants.

But today a buddy was bringing over a
new friend and I didn’t want to look shabby
to a stranger coming to my home. So I put
on a pair of jeans. It was not a good decision.
Not only because I don’t really look that
great in jeans, but also because it was
very uncomfortable. Sitting down put a lot
of pressure on the healing area. It was
kind of stupid really.

And it was such a typical human thing to
do. Trying to impress other people when it
really does not matter. So many of us will
turn into a different person when we are
around others. We will try to be who we
think they want us to be. It is sad really.
Please don’t do that for me. I have too
many issues of my own to worry about
judging someone else for what they are
wearing or doing. We are all different. We
are not in a big completion to impress. But
we sure think we are.

Just relax and be the person that makes
you happy. Not everyone has to be impressed
by you and you shouldn’t care.