Robservations for July 4, 2019

4 Jul

I need a couple philanthropists who would
like to help change the lives of a lot of people.
People who are doing hemodialysis.
They are trapped.

People on hemo have to be in a renal unit
every second day for a few hours. It makes
it very difficult to go anywhere or do anything.
Camping is one night at a time. Pretty
much no trips anywhere.

I would love to have a mobile hemo unit,
like a bus or motor home, with a couple of
stations in it. A nurse and a driver/
technician could travel around and ‘treat’
people. They could park at a campground
one week, allowing up to a dozen renal
patients to go camping and use their services.
We could do bus tours, taking a few clients
to sporting events, tourist attractions, concerts,
ski trips, whatever…

Or we could set up in dedicated spots,
allowing several patients to come for hemodialysis
during music festivals or camping
trips, etc. Maybe even a couple days in
small towns to save patients from driving
to the cities for a couple runs. There would
be lots of great uses.

So I need a nice big, new, comfortable bus
donated. And two or three dialysis machines
with all the accessories. Comfy
chairs, a huge water tank, a couple very
good, reliable generators and more.

I guess I need someone who wants to
seek out grants and donations. Maybe
some corporate sponsors to get their logo
on the bus. Or a really generous individual
or two. But I thought I should at least put it
out there.