Robservations for June 6, 2019

6 Jun

So it has been a year since I returned back
to my home in Invermere from the Trail/
Castlegar area. And quite the year it has
been. Life changes and I have gone
through quite a few in the last year.

Basically, last June I was still on heavy
chemo and doing peritoneal dialysis for my
kidney failure. Neither of those were really
working for me.

The chemo did its job of knocking back my
cancer but at the same time it was really
knocking the crap out of me.

The Peritoneal dialysis was clearing some
of my toxins from my blood but not enough
urea and creatinine. This was also making
me weak and preventing me from healing.
One year ago today I was thinking I needed
to get back here to live out my last
days. I felt like I was done and I was looking
forward to everything ending.

Chemo ended in September and I got back
on hemodialysis in December and life has
really changed. Here I am with a few rainbow
trout and a lot of double bogeys under
the belt. My life has changed.

Facing death has been quite the experience.
I still have bone marrow cancer but I
get a bit of a reprieve. And now I have no
problem leaving the sink full of dishes
while I get out the door for a day of fishing.
I see a lot of beauty and find a lot of enjoyment
in many things that I had never before
noticed. It is kind of amazing actually.