Robservations for May 30, 2019

31 May

I really want to write about our Government system and how none of the parties actually give two bits of concern about the citizens of Canada but that really depress-es me. I just don’t understand how our society works. A bunch of rich entitled folks making random laws to take more and more money from the people. And we are expected to obey. Ouch.

Otherwise, summer is hitting us pretty good this week. Things are really warming up. It changes the world around us as more and more people hit the beach, get out hiking and enjoy lots of great outdoor activities.

I am so anxious to go camping. Since I have been sick, camping is not in my agenda. Needing dialysis every second day really restricts my time away from home. Really, I guess I can camp for one night at a time but that kind of sucks. I used to love spending a week at a beautiful lake.

Anytime in the outdoors is very therapeutic for our minds and souls. Many folks around here spend a lot of time out hiking, biking fishing and more.
If you do get out camping, please clean up after yourself and be very aware of camp-fire safety. We are lucky to live in this beautiful area and we should strive to keep it this beautiful.