Robservations for May 23, 2019

23 May

Life does not seem to slow down much for myself and many other folks. Busy, busy, busy, trying to get everything done and keep a tiny bit of cash in the bank. Keeping up with household chores such as yard-work, laundry and cleaning, trying to do a little bit for the community and just trying to find time to lay back a bit can really fill up a week.
For me, making sure that I find some joy in everything that I do is a huge part of it. I don’t mind being busy if I am enjoying what I am doing. Especially knowing that my time on this planet is a bit more limited than it could be. That is probably why some of the chores get ‘slightly neglected’.
Unfortunately I can let some things slide a bit too much and then the tasks begin to overwhelm me. Then stress kicks in and I just want to go lay down and hope for sleep to take it away. That doesn’t seem to work very well.
But I have found it is more effective to just take that first right step. Get started on just one task and the tasks will shrink quickly and take the stress with them.
I spend some time mocking my friends whom I think work too much, including around the house, but I must admit that I admire and respect their work ethic and the results that many of them achieve. There are some beautiful homes and yards out there.
Find some joy out there. Whenever you can. But get stuff done.