Robservations for May 16, 2019

16 May

Okay so now it is the May Long Weekend. People all over Canada have been plan-ning camping trips and other getaways all spring. And many from Western Canada are planning on being in the Columbia Valley this weekend.
What are your plans for the weekend? Many locals make a break for the back country this weekend, hoping to get away from the business. Others plan on a trip to the city or are off to visit relatives.
And then there are those whose incomes are based on the tourism industry. This is a huge weekend for them and they will be working hard. I hope that everyone has a fantastic weekend, whether working or recreating.
This weekend is a great chance for our valley to shine. Please treat everyone with respect and tolerance. Everyone is on a separate journey and for our visitors, the Columbia Valley is one of the best parts of their life journey and they only get a brief time here.
We are very lucky to live here and that should show in our daily attitudes and activities. Enjoy your long weekend and help other folks enjoy theirs.