Robservations for May 9, 2019

9 May

Happy Mother’s Day folks. It is a big day of the year for those ladies who have helped us from before day one in our lives. Respecting Mom is a good thing every day. I seem to fail at that.

My Mom, Edie, puts a lot of effort into help-ing her kids, even though we are all full grown adults. You never stop needing your Mom. We only think we do haha.

My Mom is from a completely different generation so we do not always see eye to eye. Almost never actually. But that does not stop her from loving me.
When I am going to visit her she makes huge efforts to have my favourite groceries in the fridge (lactose-free milk, etc.), my room is cleaned and sterilized and so much more. She cooks my favourite meals, chases my dirty laundry and feeds, walks and loves Watson when I am busy at the hospital.
She and I have completely different opinions on just about everything out there. I am sure many of us have that going on. But she still loves me and that matters a lot. I love her but really do not show it enough. It is tricky when we live so far apart. But we did a lot of time together when I was very sick last year.

I think all that most moms want is just to see and hear from their kids more often. To spend some time with them to see that they are doing okay.
Anyways, Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there, especially my Mom.