Robservations for April 11, 2019

11 Apr

I really try to avoid politics but I really am disgusted with our governments over the past many years. I actually don’t even see why they are there. Actually I do see why, and it is not to help the citizens of our country.

I cannot think of a single law put in place in the last ten years that does anything to help the people of Canada. It is all about putting more money in their own pockets, suppressing the rights of the citizens and protecting themselves from the people. And sharing our tax dollars with all their rich friends.

Party politics, provincial and national are pathetic. It is like watching a kindergarten class have a debate. Everyone is loyal to their party no matter how corrupt and immoral they are. It is sadly pathetic.

How do we solve this? It is a tough system that is locked in as ‘democracy’. The solution that I see is to elect only independent candidates in every riding. Normal people like nurses, contractors, small business owners, hourly employees, etc.

Youi know, real people who have real life struggles like paying a mortgage and trying to afford to feed themselves. People who understand what is happening to the aver-age citizen.

Run here and I will vote for you. No political parties removes a lot of corruption.

I will stop here for now. Other than how about BC Hydro and ICBC. What a joke. Oh and how on April Fool’s day the ‘government scientist’ announced Canada is warming up 3 times faster than the rest of the world. Hahaha. The day of the car-bon tax. An evil April fool’s joke for sure.