Robservations for April 4, 2019

4 Apr

We certainly live in a beautiful, peaceful community. It takes a bit of effort to go out there and have a conflict. It is so much easier to just be kind and loving.
I am in a pretty grateful state these days. Having felt near to mortality definitely changes things, even an evening walk. It was so quiet out there this evening that I could hear owls, coyotes, Toby Creek and more. My own footsteps sounded like can-nons in the night. Watson loves those walks.
With my gratitude comes a lot of emotion. I cry a lot. Sometimes with sadness as I contemplate living with cancer and kidney failure. But often it is when thinking about all the incredible acts of kindness towards me through this journey.
I get overwhelmed knowing that people have thought of me, prayed for me and given so much love to me. It makes a huge difference as I am a bit far from family. My family has been amazing as well.
Anyways, thanks to everyone who has been so wonderful. It changes my life. Every day. Always remember that you change anyone’s life any time with an act of kindness.