Robservations for March 21, 2019

21 Mar

So many people have come together to
help make my life with cancer and kidney
failure as comfortable as possible. I will not
name anyone as there are way too many
to name you all.
But I do want to thank you. My current
quality of life is not what I would like it to
be but it is a lot better than I thought it
would be at this time. I am feeling quite
healthy and with the right assistance I can
get through every day. Managing my time
and energy are tricky but possible.
It is hard accepting that I need help, but
unfortunately, it is true and I have had to
accept it. I spend a lot of time on health
procedures so it is tough finding time for
meals, dog walks, firewood, dishes, laundry
and any fun activities. My Mom and
sister, Darlene, have visited and got me
caught up on a lot of home stuff.
Humility or humbleness are critical when
you are a bit feeble. I really dislike asking
for things or ‘mooching’ time and energy
from people but it is the only way.
Never be afraid to ask for help when you
need it. Do not be ashamed to have problems,
we all do. Do not worry about being
judged for needing help and know that
most problems have happened to many
people before us. Whether it is health,
financial, addictions, emotions or more.
Really, if you are a lost and worried soul,
look me up anytime. We have a lot in common.