Robervations for March 7, 2019

7 Mar

Another reminder that there is no paper next week as I am deeply engulfed in set-ting up my own dialysis ward in my house. It is going to be incredible and I am inviting anyone who is interested in seeing what it is all about to contact me and come by to watch a session of dialysis.

I would like my doctor to fully see what I go through, maybe some home care nurses, the paramedics that may have to save me, any first responders in the valley that are interested or even anyone interested in what kidney failure can look like.
Believe me, you may have an idea of the concept, but really no idea of the full pro-cess. And well, if something did go terribly wrong, you will be the people that I will be counting on. I am thinking that likely will not happen, but hey, it has in the past.

I cannot thank the Kidney Foundation and the B.C. Renal Agency enough for the efforts and expenses involved in keeping many of us alive. There are a lot of folks in kidney failure out there. Thousands of good people whose lives could be changed with a new kidney (I have to sneak that in here on occasion).