Robservations for February 7, 2019

7 Feb

So I am at a huge milestone in my kidney health. So far the peritoneal dialysis is not effective so I am travelling to Cranbrook twice weekly for hemodialysis. That adds a lot of risk with night time driving.

I am setting up to try home hemodialysis, which is basically my last resort to remain here in Invermere. If it does not work out, then I have to consider my next option, which is full time dialysis in a hospital with a renal centre. That is not here.
Trying home hemo is a bit risky with very serious possible consequences if some-thing goes really wrong. There is really no one else around to deal with anything while it is happening.

But what is life without risk? Pretty boring I guess. I am in a situation where mortality is staring me in the face every day. But life as it is happening is not all that great so it is well worth the risk to change my life for the better.

What risks are in front of you right now? Are they worth taking? Many of us miss out on a lot of opportunities because we are afraid to take a chance here and there. What do you have to lose versus the po-tential gain?

Anyways, take a risk once in a while. Go for it in those moments of doubt. Find more and more joy.