Robservations for January 24, 2019

25 Jan

To me, sometimes Robservations are a bit redundant. I just keep telling you to be a good person. This week’s column is pretty much a summary of all of that.
Be polite, respectful, open, honest and sincere out there. Pretty basic concepts that can help you develop strong personal and business relationships.
Hold a door open, help someone carry something, say “Please” and “Thank You” whenever you can. Folks enjoy the compa-ny of a polite person.
Respect those that you meet. Listen to them and try to understand their point of view. Consider how your words or actions can affect those around you.
Be open with your thoughts and needs. Be assertive and tell people what you want or how their actions are affecting you, just don’t be hurtful.
Be honest, with yourself and with others. If you find yourself having to lie about some-thing you have done, then you probably should not have done it or be discussing it.
Be sincere. If you love someone, tell them often, but make sure you mean it. If you are grateful, thank them and if you are feeling remorse, tell them you are sorry. But only if you truly mean it. Sincerity is sweet.