Robservations for January 10, 2019

10 Jan

The Robservations column is one that I
usually just start with a basic idea and see
what flows. It is an adventure.
Happy New Year everyone. I hope this is a
great year for you.
Many folks tend tell me that they hope this
year is a ‘better’ one than last for me. I
know that everyone means well with that
statement but 2018 turned out pretty good
for me.
I really thought I was done in 2018. Not the
“I’m done” hissy-fit thing, but really done.
You know, the scary word, dead.
With the multiple myeloma and chemo,
kidney failure and dialysis, diverticulitis,
diabetes and more, life was looking very
short. I can’t say it looks long now, but
longer than it was.
I should take the time to thank all the folks
who have helped get me through this so
far. And thank God for bringing Watson
into my life. So many people doing so
many things and others offering. It is
amazing what a difference love makes in
my daily life.
In 2018 I became very aware of my health
and took charge as much as possible. 30
years too late, mind you. Yes I had a lot of
challenges, but I got through most of them.
I can see some huge challenges ahead for
me in 2019. But that can bring huge successes.
Make sure you reflect on your great moments
of last year and think about what
you are hoping for this year. No one is
going to deliver it to you, you are going to
have to go out and get it.