Robservations for December 13, 2018

13 Dec

This is a fantastic time of year. Most peo-ple are looking forward to Christmas for different reasons. For me this year, it will be a chance to visit with my Mom, get some needed training done at Trail hospi-tal and take a couple weeks away from The Valley Peak.
I don’t really get time away as I will be cleaning up files and figuring out invoicing while still paying attention to valley events and activities.
I will also get a chance to see a few of my friends back in Castlegar who really helped me out when I was very sick last year.
Watson enjoys visiting in Castlegar. Mom and him love each other and will get out for a walk together each morning. It is quite heartwarming.
It will also be nice to share some good healthy meals with Mom. I do pretty well here on my own but I work a bit harder to eat properly when Mom is around. It is a good reminder of how easy it is to eat properly actually.
Anyways, pick those parts of the holiday season that you enjoy and make sure that you really do take the time to enjoy them.