Robservations for November 29, 2018

29 Nov

Writing The Valley Peak requires a lot of
flipping through little inspirational books to
find words of wisdom, sports trivia, brain
drain questions or riddles. It is very time
consuming but it can also be quite an interesting

One of the more common themes in the
wise words category is the statement that
‘the best way to have a good day yourself
is to ensure that someone else has a good

Go a step further today to make someone
else’s day a bit more pleasant. Carry a
parcel, hold a door or mow a lawn, anything
to help. Find a volunteer position,
there are many out there, and feel good
helping people.

Just smile and compliment someone. It is
amazing what a kind word can do to help
us get through each day. I know that my
attitude for the day changes instantly when
I am given a smile or a compliment. I also
love hearing someone tell me, “You just
made my day.” When all I did was give
them a sincere compliment.

Make it so that everyone that you meet
today is glad that they crossed your path.
Make so you are the person that they hope
to bump into every single day. Just be
kind, giving, loving and grateful.

Then try the same thing tomorrow. If it
goes well, you may even do it the next
day. Enjoy your life and help others enjoy