Robservations for November 22, 2018

22 Nov

’Tis the season for sure. The season to
think about giving and celebrating the good
things in our lives. Like family and friends.
And there are many ways of giving. You
don’t need to spend a bunch of money to
make someone feel loved or appreciated.
Sharing your time and energy are a good
start. Buy someone a coffee and remind
them that you love and care about them.
But please do shop local. We may pay a
bit more by doing that but the money does
stay in the valley. It may be spent at another
local business or contractor or even be
used to hire another employee. It might put
a kid into a local sports program or become
a donation to a fundraiser.

A dollar spent in the valley can stay in our
local economy for years while a dollar
spent in Cranbrook or Calgary is pretty
much gone for good. Our economy

Personally I am very grateful for all the
business owners who strive to provide the
needed services and products in our valley.
It is tough to make a living while staying