Robservations for November 15, 2018

15 Nov

Everyone has a lot of miserableness in their life. Some are happy to discuss their problems while others tend to keep all their issues very close to themselves.

I try to stay positive with all my stuff going on and do a pretty good job of that, but I so have my issues. I have a lot of pity parties when I am home alone.

Which is pretty much all the time now. It is tough getting out for much with my dialysis and my friends are obviously way too busy to consider stopping in for a visit.
I get excited when my dialysis supplies arrive as it takes a half hour to unload them and Jason, the delivery guy is a nice gentleman to chat with.

I like to think that this is one of those things that will pass but then I remind myself that I am on dialysis for the rest of my life. There is no ‘passing’ of this moment.
I do have a couple people who really care and stop in regularly but they are often here for the hound. Everyone loves him, me included.

Wait, actually, I forgot. I am very lucky in many ways, including having a dog that is so wonderful and full of love. When I do get out I get an abundance of friendly greetings and lots of support. Plus I do live in a natural paradise.

I guess my life is not all that miserable after all.
Remember that happiness is a product of your own thoughts. We can choose to fo-cus on the miserable things and be miser-able or we can choose to be grateful and think of the many great things and find some joy.