Robservations for November 1st, 2018

1 Nov

As with almost any job, no matter how
great it is, putting together The Valley
Peak gets quite cumbersome for me. It is
an incredible experience to be able to
communicate with a whole community and
to share (force) my thoughts and views
upon so many readers. I try to stay away
from most controversial topics.
But as always, right when I am thinking I
really am not sure if I want to keep doing
this, someone will give a compliment about
something in the paper.
Nearly everyone loves to read what Watson
has to say, but he is a much better
writer than me. Plus he has human and
animal fans, doubling his readership.
It is amazing the way things can change in
a moment. There are many examples of
tragedies out there that have changed
many lives. Having a doctor tell me, “As I
suspected, you have multiple myeloma” as
he walks out the door was a intense moment.
As was the emergency nurse saying
that I have no kidney function and I am
getting in an ambulance to Trail.
But having someone say, “I love what you
write about,” or “Thanks for the articles
about health, They have helped me with
my own journey,” can also be huge moments
of change. It helps take away so
much self-doubt and inspires me to carry
on with The Valley Peak.
Each of us can make a huge difference in
anyone’s life just by being positive and
supportive. Really. Just a simple compliment
can change someone’s life in a moment.
You can do it. Now do it as often as
you can.