Robservations to October 25, 2018

25 Oct

I have lived in and visited quite a few places
in Canada and I must say, the Columbia
Valley is by far the most beautiful area
that I have seen. Other areas may have
the odd attraction, a nice waterfall or whatever,
but here, everywhere I look is so

It is awe-inspiring in the mornings when
the sun crests the Rockies to illuminate
Mount Nelson and the Purcells. The caps
of snow are brilliant, almost inviting.
In the evening as the colours of the setting
sun hit the peaks of the Rockies and the
clouds above is even more amazing.

The quick trips to the back country to find
beautiful streams (and waterfalls) or golden
larch trees or bountiful wildlife are always
great days.

Foraging for herbs, mushrooms, huckleberries
and more. Where else does that
happen? Hunting, fishing, hiking, biking,
soaking, skiing, golfing, swimming and so
much more.

I live in a paradise that is defined by its
natural beauty. We all do. Unfortunately,
very few of us take the time to get out and
enjoy what we have. We are so busy just
living our lives and trying to get ‘ahead’.
Ahead of what, I am not sure.

Anyways, remember how lucky we are to
wake up in this area. Share your good
moments with others to help remind them
of where we are every day.