Robservations for October 11, 2018

11 Oct

My life is very polarized. Sometime it totally
sucks and at other times it is totally
amazing. Probably a lot like yours.
I still have not caught up on my invoicing
with the paper so money is always tight.
That sucks but like most things, it is my
own doing (or lack of). Dialysis is so time
consuming. Four times a day for 40
minutes or overnight on the alarm-filled

I just read an article how chemo shrinks
tumours by breaking them up and spreading
the cells throughout the body, causing
extensive return of cancer. That was not
very encouraging. A quick passing away
might be more comfortable than what that
future can hold.

On the other hand, I had a lady ask me to
make sure I keep writing. She says the
health stuff has made a difference for her.
I received an email from a lady in Australia
who passed through here during the summer.
She missed out on a lot due to the
smoke but did discover The Valley Peak.
She has been very complimentary.

I had turkey every day of the weekend and
leftovers beyond that. Thanks for all the
invites. Amazing.

So many people have stepped up to help
me in so many ways. That is what helps
keep things rolling in my world. Trying to
focus on all the great things is the key.