Robservations for September 27, 2018

27 Sep

I think the question I have asked myself the most in the last year is, “Why do I have cancer and kidney failure?” It is a tough question on a couple levels.

Physically I have to wonder what I have done in my life to cause this. Is it from working in the aluminum can factory? Breathing in chemicals of a pulp mill? Or maybe something that I have consumed through the years?

It is a tough question. Especially with multi-ple myeloma (bone marrow cancer). I know I have done a lot of things that have not been good for me.

Spiritually I also wonder. I believe in God so I have to ask him and myself, “Why me?” I know the answer.

It seems that I am in a great position to share my experiences with you through The Valley Peak. Too many people are suffering in too many ways and most keep it hidden within themselves. My openness seems to help with that.

I have so many people thanking me and telling me about what they have going on. And yes, talking about it helps. A lot.

So I hope through all of this that at least some of you have learned about kidneys, cancer, chemo and the healing powers of love and support from others. Do not be ashamed of what is happening in your life. Live it proudly and strongly. We all have crap going on.