Robservations For September 13, 2018

13 Sep

One of the things that has really changed
for me is accepting that I am definitely a lot
weaker then I was and I have very little
stamina. This comes into play golfing as I
can’t hit the ball very far (easier to find
them anyways) and I am exhausted by the
end of the game.

Even to go out fishing is tough by the end
of the day and it is best if I have support
from a friend while at it.

And it is so embarrassing to ask for a carry
out of a bottle of water at the grocery store
and then wait for a friend to visit to carry it
in to my house.

Currently the thought of firewood is really
stressing me out. I can hardly split a piece
let alone find it, buck it up load it, unload it
and then split and stack it.

Most folks, when they see me, are quick to
say that I look good, with lots of healthy
colour and what not. But they definitely are
not able to see what is happening inside
my body.

And that is a great reminder to me that
everyone has stuff going on that the rest of
us have no idea about. We get quick to
judge by our personal standards and experiences
with no right to do so.

So be prepared to help and support everyone
you meet in some way. We all need it.