Robservations for August 30, 2018

30 Aug

It rained last night for a few hours and we
woke up to clean air this morning with a
beautiful view of the mountains. Mountains
with a lot of snow on them to the west of
us. It was gorgeous.

We are at September long weekend and it
has been a bit of a smoky, dreary summer
that has passed us by. For many folks it
was becoming quite depressing looking at
and breathing in the smoke every day.

But we still have September, often a beautiful
sunny month. For many years, September
has been my favourite month in the
valley. Lots of summer left but not quite as
busy around here.

In the meantime, we are coming into the
long weekend. This basically signals the
official end of summer for a lot of the tourists.
Kids are back to school next week so
this is the end of the holidays.

Expect to see a lot of people out here this
weekend. Especially if the air stays clear.
And expect them to be enjoying themselves
in whichever way they prefer. Follow
people’s examples and enjoy yourself
whenever you can. Get out and enjoy the
fresh air with your friends and family and
hope for a beautiful autumn this year.