Robservations for August 9, 2018

14 Aug

There are a lot of things happening in the valley through the month of August. Sadly I will be away for the next couple of weeks for surgery on my peritoneal dialysis line. Surgery is in Kelowna followed by recovery in Vernon and Castlegar.

I am not a big fan of surgeries but hopeful-ly this will make my life a lot easier. It is important to have it so I can do home dial-ysis and this line in the proper position will enable me to do that.
Life is too good and too busy to have to spend all day on medical things just to survive. It gets discouraging. Especially when I am this fatigued and require a bit of assistance just to get out fishing. It is amazing how busy my friends are every day.

I am so glad that over the past few years I have slacked off the work end and focused on playing lots of golf and fishing. I am always quite broke but living an amazingly rich lifestyle.

I hope you are thinking the same way. So many of you will continue to work hard to save money to ‘get ahead’ and then end up dying before you ever actually enjoy the benefits of your hard work.

Make sure you are having some fun on your journey. They say that for most folks who pass away, their job is posted before their memorial service even happens.

It is up to you to prioritize some fun things in your life or else they will never happen.