Robservations for August 2, 2018

1 Aug

Life includes a lot of learning. For all of us.
Every day really. Wisdom does seem to
come with age. No matter how hard we
fight it, we do actually learn a few things as
time goes on.

We never actually believe that until it has
happened to us for what seems like forever.
We think we know all we need to know
at a pretty young age.

I recall starting a new career at age 24,
looking around the lunchroom and thinking,
“I am the youngest one in here and I
totally rock. I will show them what this is all
about.” It took less than an hour to realize
that I had really underestimated the value
of experience and knowledge.

By the time I was 35, I totally knew it all,
except, that is, what I have learned since
then. Now, I know it all for sure (haha).
Anyway, a good thing to keep in mind is
that you don’t learn much when your
mouth is moving. It is nice to share your
current knowledge but it is actually better
to use your ears, always listening, always

Listening is a very important communication
skill. People like to feel listened to and
we can learn something from everyone at
any time.