Robservations for July 5, 2018

5 Jul

So this bone marrow cancer and kidney
failure thing brings a lot of changes to my
life. One that I never really considered is
how handsome they have apparently
made me.

We all want to ‘look good’ and it feels great
when someone tells us that we look nice. I
think it is important to compliment people
and make a difference in their days so I
often tell folks they look good.

People have a lot of perceptions about
disease, especially cancer. In our minds it
is basically a death sentence and for many
folks it really is. For me included, but not
on a quick, short-term basis as long as I
manage it as well as possible.

So I am not there yet, not even close. For
someone going through this, I am doing
quite well and to many folks, I just seem

But nearly everyone I see tells me that I
look good. It is a nice compliment and I
thank them for it as they are sincere and
mean well.

But nobody told me that before my diagnosis
so now I always question the compliment
(in my brain silently). Do I look better
than I used to and I have finally made it to
the ‘good’ category? Haha. That would be

But no, I guess I look good compared to
what people expect me to look like because
of the cancer. I so still have a little
bit of hair and some colour.

Just remember that everyone’s journey is
different. We all take a different route
through life and we all deal with it much